Get Lasagna for Delivery from Italian Restaurants in Clarksburg

lasagna at home from Italian restaurants in Clarksburg

Called an ultimate one-pot meal, lasagna is one of the world’s oldest pasta dishes. The recipes vary from country to country and feature everything from eggplant to ground beef. If you would like to enjoy some lasagna, the good news is that there are excellent Italian restaurants in Clarksburg. So, order for pickup or delivery near our Clarksburg apartments:

Mangia e Bevi 

Transporting visitors to an Italian farmhouse, Mangia e Bevi features country-style dishes and large portions of genuine Italian hospitality. Chef Vito Cinquepalmi was born in a small Italian coastal town. Then, he began cooking at a young age and started his culinary career at one of the country’s most famous seaside resorts. Today, he enjoys sharing his passion for cooking and bringing a taste of his homeland to Maryland. For dinner, try the lasagna bolognese with the garlic bread and fresh mozzarella caprese. Additionally, Mangia e Bevi offers easy pickup. 

Milano’s Pizza 

At Milano’s, every dish is made from scratch. The chefs always use the finest ingredients and start their day early to make the pizza dough by hand. Also, they create with time-honored culinary techniques and strive to keep the menu fresh and exciting. Plus, the extensive menu features a generous helping of lasagna. It’s best enjoyed with the tiramisu for dessert and can be ordered for pickup or delivery. 

Il Porto

A local fixture since 1996, Il Porto takes diners on a culinary journey across Italy. Owner Alberto Cruz worked in several well-known Italian restaurants before deciding to open his own. Now, he offers an extensive menu and fast, friendly service. Sample the spinach or meat lasagna with the minestrone soup and lemon flute for dessert. Additionally, Il Porto is open daily for pickup.

As you enjoy your lasagna from one of these Italian restaurants in Clarksburg, stream The Bookshop from the Gaithersburg Library. It will take you back to 1959 England, and keep you entertained until the very end. If you’re searching for a vibrant place to call home, please contact us. We would love for you to discover all that our apartments in Clarksburg have to offer.

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