Virtually Enjoy Scenic Seneca Creek State Park

woman taking online tour of Seneca State Creek Park

Even if you can’t get out to experiencey our favorite walking and hiking trails, there’s a way to have a taste of nature. Enjoy the great outdoors online! Just a few miles south of our apartments in Clarksburg, Seneca Creek State Park is home to over 6,300 acres. This beautiful part of Maryland has plenty […]

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Tips for Working From Home

A man working from home

While working from home, setting boundaries between work and leisure can come as a challenge. After all, you’re turning your apartment in Clarksburg, MD at The Elms at Clarksburg Village—a haven for rest, recreation, and fun—into a full-time office! However, tried-and-true strategies exist that can help you boost your efficiency and make your time off the […]

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Journaling for Relaxation

person journaling for relaxation

Have you always wanted to keep a journal? Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin! Journaling for relaxation, stimulating creativity, and self-reflection is an excellent activity. The best part is, you can journal from anywhere, including your apartment in Clarksburg, MD at The Elms at Clarksburg Village. So get out that blank notebook and write! […]

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