Explore Nature at the Locust Grove Nature Center in Clarksburg

an adorable flying squirrel | Locust Nature Center

Offering year-round fun, the Locust Grove Nature Center provides a scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It features exciting trails, fascinating exhibits, and so much more. Here is some of what you can discover near our apartments for rent in Clarksburg, MD: Mature Forest  Follow the trails through the mature forest. […]

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Learn About Maryland’s Birds through the Chesapeake Conservancy

couple looking at tablet

Nestled near our Clarksburg apartments, the Chesapeake Conservancy strives to explore, conserve, and innovate. Here, they believe that the Chesapeake is a national treasure. So, they use technology to enhance the pace and quality of conservation. Also, the conservancy offers webcams that highlight “the secret lives of birds in Maryland.” When you’re ready to learn about […]

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Explore the Agricultural History Farm Park

in an apple orchard

Just 23 minutes from our Clarksburg, MD apartments is a destination highlighting the past, present, and future of Montgomery County farming. We’re talking about the Agricultural History Farm Park, and its 455 scenic acres features rolling hills, open fields, and an apple orchard.  The park welcomes visitors year-round, and highlights include: The Magruder-Bussard Farmstead  Offering […]

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Enjoy Year-Round Fun at the Meadowside Nature Center

hiking on a trail in the cold

Just 27 minutes from our Clarksburg, MD apartments is a unique destination surrounded by rolling hills, trickling streams, and towering trees. We’re talking about the Meadowside Nature Center, and it forges a connection between people and nature through interpretive exhibitions and programs.  The center offers year-round fun, and each year welcomes thousands of visitors. Highlights […]

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