Virtual Book Clubs Near Clarksburg You Don’t Want to Miss

virtual book clubs near Clarksburg

If you want to expand your reading list, consider joining one of the book clubs near Clarksburg.  Many currently hold virtual meetings and offer a great way to discover books you might not otherwise have chosen. The clubs near our Elms apartments include:  Dupont Circle Science Fiction Book Club  The Dupont Circle Science Fiction Book […]

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Enjoy Live Streaming Theatre in Clarksburg

theatre in Clarksburg streaming online

Whether you’re planning a date or looking for something to do on your own, virtual theatre is sure to please. Theatre in Clarksburg is thriving, and several venues offer virtual events and productions that will keep you connected with your artistic side and community. From engaging visual arts to musical performances to theatre in conversation, […]

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Virtually Explore a Space Museum near Clarksburg

man exploring space museum near clarksburg

Nestled in nearby Greenbelt is a fascinating place featuring “spacecraft and instruments to examine the universe.” We’re talking about the Goddard Space Flight Center. This center became NASA’s first space complex in 1959. So, if you love space, you can explore this space museum near Clarksburg today. Here is a sample of what you can […]

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Tour the Fire Museum of Maryland at Home in Clarksburg

woman taking virtual tour of the Fire Museum of Maryland

Nestled in nearby Lutherville, the Fire Museum of Maryland showcases the history of the fire service. Here, the world-class exhibits offer a journey through time. As one of the country’s largest fire museums, it focuses on the technology and innovation of firefighting. While the museum welcomes thousands of annual visitors, it also provides a virtual […]

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Virtually Enjoy Scenic Seneca Creek State Park

woman taking online tour of Seneca State Creek Park

Even if you can’t get out to experiencey our favorite walking and hiking trails, there’s a way to have a taste of nature. Enjoy the great outdoors online! Just a few miles south of our apartments in Clarksburg, Seneca Creek State Park is home to over 6,300 acres. This beautiful part of Maryland has plenty […]

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