Tour the Fire Museum of Maryland at Home in Clarksburg

woman taking virtual tour of the Fire Museum of Maryland

Nestled in nearby Lutherville, the Fire Museum of Maryland showcases the history of the fire service. Here, the world-class exhibits offer a journey through time. As one of the country’s largest fire museums, it focuses on the technology and innovation of firefighting. While the museum welcomes thousands of annual visitors, it also provides a virtual peek at all you can discover. So, check out what you can explore from our apartments in Clarksburg:

STEM Lab at Home

If you love science, check out the STEM Lab at Home offered by the museum. Let firefighters guide you though several experiments you can do at home with common household items. With videos and documents, you can learn about the history of firefighting. Plus, you can create your own simple fire extinguisher! Fun and educational, these videos offer a great way to spend an afternoon.

Vehicles and Apparatus

If you’re interested in the fire service’s technological breakthroughs, you can check out all the vehicles that help save lives. The museum is home to over 40 examples! Check out this online slideshow that features everything from hand-drawn to gasoline-driven trucks. One of the vehicles is the Mack Floodlight Wagon. Built in 1947, it was used by the Baltimore City Fire Department. It produced 9,000 watts of light to help fight nighttime fires. Also, it supplied portable lights on extension cords and could even provide power if needed. 

Fire Gear and Memorabilia 

Both fire gear and memorabilia have been collected for generations. This exhibit features clothing, badges, fire hoses, and so much more. One of the highlights includes the Gamewell Punching Wagon. It was frequently used by departments to record incoming alarms. Also, check out vintage firefighter gear like helmets. Originally, firefighters wore hats similar to top hats to help protect them from burning embers.

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